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    Anyone have a good suggestion for a Treo-viewing friendly resource for viewing Commodities & Options info? Stock qoutes are easier to find, but good commodities info (like are downright painful to try to view on my Treo because of all the banners/ads/etc.

    Alternately, a good site thet gathers/sends news & finance info to me regularly might work too, although then I'd only have info for those items that I'd previously setup to track.

    PS. Just found prior to this post. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this forum so much easier to use while mobile.
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    check out the sig.
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    I may have missed something on the wapSwap page, but it doesn't look like it does either of the things that I was looking for.

    I need a place to view commodities and options prices.


    Might less effectively be able to use a service that I sign up for preset news/finance info which is then gathered and sent (e-mail/sms) to me at regular intervals.

    Does wapSwap do either of these? Or is there another resource anyone knows of which does?
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    Check out on the desktop first to see if this meets your needs ....

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    Sorry, try this URL on the Treo:

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    Thanks! This is much closer to what I was looking for, though it still seems to be difficult to find quotes and option prices for commodities. The news is nice though.

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner but I'm now dealing with a new problem. My Blazer now comes up completely blank and whenever I try to go Home or anywhere else, it just returns to the blank screen without an error at all. Sprint CS says it's a phone problem I need to take it in to the Sprint store for diagnostics. The Sprint store asked me to leave my phone with them for 2 hours so that they could get it to "Level 1 Support". They ended up reprovisioning the phone and said it should be working in a couple hours. 12 hours later its still blank so I'm still troubleshooting. Only thing that changed between when it worked and now is that CS gave me a new phone number on the phone (the old one was long distance from home) and I installed and used the desktop sync software and installed a few apps from it (Adobe, Docs to Go, Java, couple games).

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