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    OK I've seen a lot of people's Photoshopped Treos around here (A lot better then mine by the way), but I got to thinking, is Nintendo on to something with their Dual Screen?? I might buy into a cool flip if it was functional enough. So without furthur Treo Concept:
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    I know it's kinda crude, but I think it's a pretty cool idea.
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    LOL! That sorta looks like a combination of a Nintendo DS + Treo...
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    I know! Do you like it? For me, I think it would be perfect (I've destroyed more screens)
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    Ha ha I like it, but what would you gain by having a 2nd screen give?

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    Well it looks cool and all, but if that's the same scale as the current treo then it'd be HUGE. Would be the first brick flip phone... :P Pretty cool concept though.
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    It was late...obviously the scale wouldn't be exactly the same, but close to the samsung form factor.

    The second screen would just be huge in "cool" factor. Maybe we could incorporate one of those new flexible screens so you could flip it sideways. Dunno, just some ideas.
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    Thats pretty cool. I tried to color-up a clamshell treo but it was way to difficult. heres the ones I did

    the second screen would be a good spot for all the die hard graffiti fans, or handspring could extend the keyboard a bit. I swear just 4 or 5 millimeters out and up and I could use the keyboard without making typos. If it were a clamshell phone the thickness when closed would probably be the same thickness it is now, which would be fine. Most of the treo owners I know would perfer that design if handspring could figure out a way to do it.
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