hotsync operation dies attempting to sync the Outlook Contacts folder

i get the message that tells you there was an error - press here to see the log or just OK out of it

check the phone, its already restarting...

what's going on?

posting my log:

HotSync operation started for eric on 03/10/05 14:41:23

OK Quick Install
OK Adobe Reader
OK VersaMail
OK Media
Outlook Calendar
- Fast Sync
OK Outlook Calendar
Outlook Contacts
The connection with the handheld was lost.
The connection with the handheld was lost.
- Recovery Sync
Outlook Contacts synchronization failed

Outlook Tasks
Outlook Notes
Conduit 'HotSync Exchange' Error: Unknown error. (65535)
HotSync Error: Unknown error. (FFFF)

HotSync operation completed on 03/10/05 14:42:05

anybody got any clues as to how to resolve this?

my last four log entries look exactly like above