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    shortly after purchasing my 650, i managed to lose the included cd. i've had no luck with sprint nor with palmone, in trying to get a new one. any suggestions?

    if anyone can help me out i'd be #most# appreciative.

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    I'll be happy to get you the CD. What's the best way to xFer?
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    I am also missing the software.... is there a place to down load for the Treo 650?
    Collins Hardware
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    is there a specific software you are looking for from the cd?
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    I burned a copy of my Treo 600 for a few people before. Paypal me a few bucks and i'll gladly burn my 650 CD for anyone that wants it. For fast service just let me know on treochat, otherwise i'll check my personal messages periodically.

    - Phil -

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