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    Quote Originally Posted by EdTreo

    Hehe, first post here.

    Why did you widen it? It would make it bigger and it looks less attractive.

    edit: Just looked at treonauts. I think it's a terrible idea.
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    I think this one looks the best:

    It's the first pic. in this thread. With that screen, it could have a collapsable VG area like the Sony CLIE TH55. It should have wifi (B or G doesn't really matter to me), bluetooth 2.0, built in USB host controller (which would be used through and adapter through the Palm Universal connector it should have), at least 128MB of RAM, PalmOS 6, OLED screen, full duplex speaker phone, etc.. Power button should be on the side or on the top next to the SD slot.
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    It's pretty but the nav button is too small for my tastes. And I'm a female with fairly small hands/fingers.
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    What about the variant on the far right? It's a spin-off of choile's version, and maintains the total length of the Treo, but with the antenna internalized.

    Advantage: all the external buttons are maintained, plus a longer screen.

    Disadvantage: although the actual length of the phone is the same, the body of the phone itself is pretty long now, and may be more susceptible to breakage, especially if carried in a pocket.

    WiFi, EDGE (or whatever is next for GSM or CDMA) with a smooth hand-off between the two, and of course, GPS.
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    ^ i like the middle one the best. ^
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    i also must say, very nice editing.
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    yup the one in the middle is the best in my opinion also.. how about loose the antenna..
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    the atenna is cool with me... it gives it that distinct look that it is still a phone, yet a pda too... people will always question that..
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    Can you make a note, "Middle one" !! . That 's what we want for T 700.

    BTW ,Middle one looks like a killer machine.
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    need to add answer on/off keys though
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    The third one is starting to resemble the "brick" phones of the early 90s. I like the lower profile of #2, but does anyone else think it looks a little... flimsy compared to the solid build of the current model?
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    Oh yeah, and a more accessable reset button... since I have to use mine so often!
    and it all started with a SHARP Wizard
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    No integrated nanoassembler?

    .. Nice work, we'll continue to DREAM ON!
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    Integrated I can spend the weekend with Janice Reed...
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    Yeah, the middle one is the best.
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    I like the middle one too. Though I would:

    + Have the option of having the T600 keyboard w/subtle backlight or the T650 keyboard, but must keep the T650's menu, home and 4 app buttons.
    + Return the on/off switch to the top.
    + Make the speaker smaller (but just as powerful) to make it flush/even.
    + Have a 2.5mm jack (on the left, like always) for the carkits and a 3.5 mm jack (right, for the tunes) on the bottom of the unit. No more headphone adapters!!
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