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    From CBSMarketWatch:

    "Piper Jaffray Monday downgraded its rating on BlackBerry wireless device maker Research in Motion (RIMM: news, chart, profile) to "market perform" from "outperform" citing competition concerns. "We expect LG to launch a non-BlackBerry wireless email device at Cingular in the near future, and we believe large OEMs such as Nokia, Motorola, and Siemens are ramping initiatives targeting corporate email users," the broker said."

    Not a single word about the Treo/PalmOne. Means they don't think the Treo is a serious contender??? I think PalmOne is a few steps ahead of the pack(atleast among the names they mentioned). They have something in their hands that works, although it may not ready for prime-time, they just have to execute and deliver. Come-on palmOne!!! don't miss this opportunity...
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    Considering that the Blackberry is a very closed device, in the sense that you have to work with server-side software or a desktop redirector for email, I can see why talk of the Treo was left out. The blackberry is primarily a business tool for email and syncing to outlook (calendar, tasks, etc).

    The article states that they expect other manufacturers to deliver similar products to handle wireless email. I would assume they mean proprietary software and limited functionality, like the Blackberry.

    Treos, and other smartphones are entirely different. They do not require the server-side software, and aren't tied down to your service provider or company for email functionality. As such, they aren't as targeted towards the masses of corporate america as a product for the IT department to purchase in bulk, set up and roll out to sales consultants for roaming email access. Blackberry fits that particular need quite well.

    I see more individuals and executives using Treos. Simply different markets. RIM seems to target the corporations who roll out the solutions to their employees...Palm One those who make the decisions for themselves or don't have the BlackBerry option from their company.

    Apples and oranges.
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    Unfortunately, if you look at palmOne's (NASDAQ: PLMO) stock performance since December 2004, it is evident Wall Street has not been very fond of the company. Analysts largely think of the company as a "one-trick pony" (See my article at Part of the problem is that many believe Palm OS is not a contender and the future of smartphones are in the hands of Nokia and Microsoft. They see the Treo as a fad that will fade as the two giants battle it out with RIM in the wings. This is the reason palmOne was not mentioned in Piper Jaffray's list. I hope this Thursday's earnings report will prove them wrong and palmOne will get more coverage. For more about palmOne from an investor's point of view, check out my blog at

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