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    Quote Originally Posted by tcatnat
    Wow, I installed TodayPLUS and it looks awesome. I have only played with it for a few minutes but a user guide would be great. First impression: add 5-way Nav support and this may replace my launcher too. More details later.
    Its such a great program. Already bought it, just waiting for the 5 way nav support and then I'd be one happy person ^_^. They are working on adding Treo 650 nav support, including snappermail, and letting the mate be the reminder about appointments. Can't wait to see the next version .
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    yeah, i saw today plus in beta several months ago, and the only think stopping it from being a killer app is the 5 way support. once that's in..............
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    could we please not take over and change the theme of dr_devious's thread. Heres some of my other favorite wallpapers so as to stick with the theme of the thread.
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    nice work guys! thanks!
    i am going to have some fun the next few days sprucing up my display!
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    Here are a few of mine.
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    owww,,,,, a cultured fellow I see,,,,,

    I had "The Ring" wallpaper on mine for about 1 day,,,,,,

    I had to take it off, it was freaking me out
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespaulritter
    no, not with the stock app but you can make the dialpad look better, I dont think skinner lets you put an image behind the buttons but its a good idea they could work on for the next release.

    P.S. Eric, I think I'll use "Lisa"
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    Here are a few for the M.C. Echer fan.
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    Those girls are just the cutest! I haven't really started putting any wallpapers on my Treo. I did take one snapshot with the 650 of my daughter and saved it as a wallpaper, but now I can't figure out how to delete it. I deleted it from the pics&videos area, but it still displays as the phone's wallpaper. WTH?!?

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    Thanks, they are wonderful babies,,,,

    Ya even if you delete the picture, if you have saved it as wallpaper it will stay there untill you change the wallpaper.

    Here some more of my favorite wallpaper to keep with the theme of the thread
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    I really like the 1st castle. Lady Liberty looks really good with the fireworks haloing her head. The 2nd one up from the bottom looks just like a scene from an Outer Limits episode I saw. I need to take some pics of all 3 of my kids to use as a wallpaper. They are constantly bugging me to "see my picture, Mama!"

    And about the Ring logo, that would freak me out after a day or two also. I don't blame you for switching.
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    The top one is my favorite
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    The cat is freaky!
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    For anyone who checked out skinner to change the phone buttons I noticed that so far the skins are pretty lame. Since the skin creation tool was probably just released a short time ago there arent many skins yet but heres a goog one at this thread, look for brushedaluminum pdb.
    If anyones interested in takephoneskins the skin creation kit isnt out yet but when it is Ive colored some nice skins, heres some sample buttons

    And ofcourse heres some more wallpaper to keep with the theme
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    here's one....

    edit: thought i'd post one more
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz
    Here are my two wallpapers that I like to use.
    I really like your wallpaper but don't love the colors of the two big circles. Any way to change those colors to something less bright and shiny?
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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    Here's five of my backgrounds I switch around...

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    I love that "If found dont steal", thats hilarious,,,,
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    Here are the two photos that I took with my treo (and now my wallpapers) when I went skiing last week. I just want to share with you guys.
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