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    I've got the covertech pouch case and most of the times I pull it out of the case when the phone is ringing, it answers the phone. I don't get an opportunity to check to see who is calling - it is already answered just by pulling it out of the case.

    so, my question is - is there anyway to TURN OFF specific buttons that answer the phone?

    I wouldn't mind answering the phone w/ the green button or on the screen (default 5-way center) - but all the other alternates (however many there be ), can we just turn those off?

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    Butler allows you to turn off some of the buttons that can answer a call. It has some other functions that make it well worth the price.
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    Treoguard as well
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    about the treogaurd - isn't it bundled w/ the 650?


    nevermind - that's KEYguard...

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    Quote Originally Posted by megaphone
    isn't it bundled w/ the 650?
    No... the 650 has a Keyguard feature.
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    from, can i down load the treoguard directly into my treo using the Palm Download?? or should i still down the the PC version first and then Sync with my Treo??

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