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    I have a Cingular Treo 650 along with its other problems, I am unable to receive text messages from Nextel or Sprint. I have a Cingular Treo 650

    Also, if indeed my messages get to them, it is after a delay of half an hour to several hours.

    Any ideas how I can resolve this?
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    Sounds like a carrier problem and not a 650 problem.
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    i've seen where an sms was delayed quite a bit - a couple hours

    but then again, i've chatted back and forth w/ my brother across the country in FL over the course of 45 mins w/ no perceivable delays - we're both on Sprint (he's got a 600, i've got a 650)
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    I'm on Sprint & sometimes it takes a long time to get sms or I never get them
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    Can't say I've really experienced that. I'm on Sprint and text someone several times daily on Cingular (about 225 miles away.) Always get each others messages right away. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    another data point.

    i'm on t-mo and the other day I was carrying a discussion via SMS with a co-worker who has a nextel. At the time I was also on the phone with another coworker.

    it worked pretty well and I didnt notice any delay.
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    I get delays sometimes in texting other carriers as well and vice versa. But most of the time it goes through fine but never as fast as other carriers do. I've had Cingular, ATT, and now Sprint and only noticed this on Sprint SMS.
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    I'm getting messages from Nextel just fine. .................................3 and 4 times. Same message. :-S

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    I've been an owner of the 600 and now an owner of the 650 and I have huge issues getting SMS messages from anyone outside of the Sprint network. When I called tech support, they said the problem stems from the fact that I ported my number. They were supposed to get back to me yesterday and still no word... All I can say is use the email addresses as a work around. They tend to be pretty reliable.
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    I have found the same problems on my Sprint 650 with getting SMS to/from non-sprint phones. Today, just now in LA area I got "ERROR: The network is not responding now"
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    Yes Sprint takes forever, and at least onece a day I get "network busy, try again later" so I hit "send" about 10x, then it sends out. Sprint is getting worse......
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