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    I am not sure what issue this is but it looks like a sync issue. I use the Hotsync manager to choose to sync my calendar but it reverts back to "Do Nothing" after I sync and nothing on the calendar has been sent to my Treo.

    The log says nothing, I have tried to reinstall the hotsync manager but it still will not sync the calendar. Would there me a outlook setting I am missing? Thanks in advance

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    It looks like now I cannot get any of the my data to sync, will purchasing a 3rd party conduit help? I hate to spend another $50 when I already purchased this...Thoughts?

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    When you installed the Palm Desktop, did you select the option to sync with it or Outlook? If you re-run the desktop setup, you should be able to change where you want to sync the PIM data.

    Also, to keep the conduit(s) from reverting to "Do Nothing" after a sync, you need to select the desired option AND check the "Set as Default" option.
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    Thanks alot for the feedback so I did that and I am back to where I was. It will sync everything except the calendar. errors in the log either but one of the main reasons I wanted this was to keep track of all my appointments.


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