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    I'm flying next month and I'm planning to watch movies with mmplayer so I don't have to watch their lame choices. If I can't do that than I'll hide it and play p-tunes. If they **** me off I'll turn on my phone and steer the plane with my third party app airsteer 1.4 only available for treos.
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    I just traveled from Amarillo, TX. to Washington DC and back on Continental. I watched movies the entire trip. On two of the flights all the flight attendants had to say was "I need to get one of those".

    By the way, I watched two full movies on the way. Once we landed in DC, I checked and replied to several emails and listened to several voice mails, returned two calls, and still had 66% battery left.
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    FWIW, Delta's Flight Atendant on board manual specifically states that the use of a cell phone in airplane mode IS authorized above 10,000 ft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo600guy
    I hate this stupid policy that Southwest has that doesn't let you use your Treo even in phone off mode! It says so in their "complimentary" magazine and they seem to enforce it. I have been able a couple times to just cover the antenna, but you can't always watch for when the attendant is about to pass by and they almost always say you have to turn it totally off. It is ridiculous that someone with a laptop with WiFi and all can sit there and do whatever but me with my little Treo in phone off mode can't just watch a movie or listen to music or play a game on it! I agree people shouldn't use the phone on the plane, but with the phone off it should not be prohibited at all!
    Check out messages 196 and 198 of this thread: for a Southwest Splash screen to help while in "air travel safe mode".
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    For the first time, the flight attendants announced that phones in airplane mode were allowed, on a United airlines flight I was on last weekend. I heard it on the return trip but not on the way there, so I'm guessing it's a new policy that the employees are starting to learn.
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