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    Hey everyone,

    I thought this would be interesting to see which age group mostly have and buy the Treo 650. I guess when you look at the features and what it can do, one would think that big time business people like 35 and older would purchase. Although i work for a big business company, i'm just not that old. (no pun intended) I'm just curious to know what's the avg. age group of the product. I'm 22. Feedback would be interesting to hear.

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    24 years old
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    I'm 44, but that's only like 6 1/2 in dog years. I love my Treo 650! Just wish they'd make it beef-flavored, though.
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    I am 29 and will most likely buy the unlocked Treo 650 for myself. No corporate subsidy here!
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    I am 27 and using a Treo 650. Cool device....

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    At 22 I was using one of those Mitsubishi Diamondtel "shoebox to the cheek" phones.
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    LOL!!! That was a good one "illustreous" but offshore isn't too far ahead of me. But hey that's what a good paying job can give you. So i just enjoy awarding myself and treating myself to something nice. I love the feedback guys! Keep it coming
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    39...and at 22 i had an Audiovox car phone. You know, an actual CAR phone with the handset on the center console, and the reciever in behind the seat of my truck. It was $900 at the time. Thought i was cool when i spent another $400 to buy the portable reciever for the handset. Like walking around with a lunchbox. Shortly after I went truly portable with a big brick cell phone, an Oki i think. Thing was huge, no way it'd fit in a pocket!

    The rest was history
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    30 ~ and if Zack Morris can use a shoebox sized telephone, why can't I?
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    I'm coming up on the 17th annivarsary of my 20th birthday.
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    34 and the 650 is my first treo
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    19, but I'm on the 600 if it counts :\
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    I'm 21. I didn't actually buy the Treo 650, I won it in a raffle. But I was looking at similar devices (a few friends have Sidekicks) anyway. I'm a senior at DeVry majoring in Computer Information Systems, so this kind of stuff is right up my alley!
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    35.... and yes I owned a Motorola Brick back in the olden days...haha, it's funny to think back when I would put the brick in my inside jacket pocket and it would either make my jacket look lopsided from the weight of that beast or the antenna would stick up and make you have a bump on one shoulder....ahh the good ole days
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    I"m 32 and I have the the Treo 650 from sprint. I am also looking to get the Treo 650 by cingular.
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    Hey "FLASH", it's a small world. I graduated from college majoring in Computer Information Systems. But i was more on the business side of it, hence my actual major was Business Administration and my concentration was CIS. So that's cool. I guess that's why i like the Treo 650 also. I'm use to cool electronic stuff. GOTTA LUV IT!!!
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