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    I also own a T/X which is mostly dedicated to GPS via holux, surfing in WiFi, and viewing media.
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    62, To many palms to remember. Purchased the 600 when it first came out and went with the 650 when it was introduced. Looked at the iPhone but it doesn't meet my needs. Will seriously consider the Centro when it comes out in black at AT&T. My 650 and the iPod touch work fine for me.
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    27. I got my first Palm, an m130, when I was 21 or 22, and have been in love ever since. It went from the m130, to a Tungsten E, to a Zire 72, to a Treo 650, to a 700p, and now a Centro. I also just recieved an old PalmPilot 1000, which unfortunately does not seem to work. When I put the batteries in all it does is emit a high pitched whine & doesn't turn on. Me sad.
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    39, have had 600, 650, 700p, now have 700wx
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    I am 75 & a semi-retired trial attorney. 650 is hands down the best product of its kind. It is my miniature laptop.
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    44. Yes i'm a little old school. I once had a motorola bag phone. sat it between my car seats and used it as an arm rest while driving. started my palm days with the a couple of m505, then a few zire 71, now the 650. I usually drop things so my 650 had a rubber boot. It's last 1 year so far.
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