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    31 turning 32 in may..
    Too many PDA's to mention
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    Quote Originally Posted by vajirkar
    Finally upgraded from my trusty-rusty Palm V. I now use my $25 Nokia GSM only while skiing .. that way I don't have to worry about hurting my 650
    I love the 650 I can finally REALLY use the PDA because its always on me. My wife bought it for me, but now she hates it.. u know why

    Sid Vajirkar
    Well she bought it for you, so It's her own fault anyways... right??? Th ought so!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    18th anniversary of my 21st Birthday first time Treo650 user...
    Got to love it... Balinor
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    51 and wish it had the expense application like my 6-year old Palm Pilot Professional did!

    Also wish there was a way to synch Treo to Outlook Calendar with "handheld overwrites desktop" without doing an entire export of all 5,222 of my records each time, taking 1.5 hours!

    Also wish my cradle would come, so I wouldn't have to be tied to a wall for 2 hours charging!

    Other than that, I love it and can't live without it.
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    Closer to 42 than 41 - Wow, I guess I am "middle-aged"

    It's interesting to see ages of others - says alot about the posts in other threads.....
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    25. My first smart phone and I won't be going back. I love this thing.
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    my first Treo was a Treo 300 with Sprint

    I got that when I was 22
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    63 on my 6th handspring...few Visors, 270, 600 and nw 650
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    32 yrs old.....Palm III > VIIx> m130> Zire72> Treo 650 VZW


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    20 years old with the Treo 650
    Software Engineer
    US Army TACOM
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    end of April 2004 - mid February 2005 - Treo 600 - 23 yrs old
    mid February 2005 to present - Treo 650, now 24 as of april 9th
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    34 w/the 650
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    first palm was a treo 300, then 600 which I am still on. Sprint. Have really found a useful business tool. Have learned about palm functions and have bridge game on phone. Use e mail function all the time in my consulting.

    Age 65.

    Probably wait for new treo when rechargeable battery dies on 600.
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    39 and still on my original Handspring 600!
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    I'm 19 now and have the 650.

    My first Treo was the 300, when I was 16, I believe. It's amazing how much the Treo advances each generation....and how much more useful it becomes in my daily life.
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    23 yo with sprint treo 650 (former nextel blueberry user and proud to admit it)
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    Wow! This thread goes way back. I'm 38, but was 36 when I bought my treo.
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