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    Wisdom sheds light on the knowledge you have accumulated

    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    I've had cell phones since the venerable Motorola Flip circa 1993, and several PDAs, including a US Robotics branded Pilot 5000 in 1996.
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    Also started with a Motorola brick. But mobile phones was my second 'technology thread' - I started with the original Personal Computers - Apple, Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum ... lots in between - then picked up with the PDAs with the first Palm Pilot, II, IIIC, V, Vx, T|T, T3.

    The Treo 600 saw my two threads merge. The 650 is a natural progression ... I just wish it was more reliable than the ZX80!

    (Appologies to non-UK members who probably have no idea at all what the ZX80 is!)
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    Well, I picked one up. What a piece of junk. It rebooted when answering calls, dialing calls, has memory issues. It's way to fragile. I freezes up constantly and you miss calls and emails. I've spent many many hours with tech support both at Cingular and at PalmOne. Tech support was not helpful in resolving issues. After browsing hundreds of complaints about many problems and issues that haven’t been resolved I've decided to dump the PalmOne Treo 650 and lable it officially "a POS", use your imagination. PalmOne should be ashamed releasing this POS. Palm is certainly in trouble over this. There will be thousands of these devices headed back to PalmOne. No one should have to endure the hours of frustration trying to get this device to work just to see PlamOne point a finger at service providers and service providers point a finger at PalmOne. PalmOne wanted to charge my credit card to help me with my phone even though I've only owned it a week. Cingular says they can't fix the many problems with the phone. What's a consumer to do? Do what we can, refuse to swallow this bitter pill. I hope PalmOne learns from this most costly error. There share holders will pay a price at the market for this one.

    I’m 47 and I know a good product when I see it. I expect a good quality product from any one asking me for $450.00. The PalmOne Treo 650 is a wonderful concept but a miserable product for a smart phone.

    A word of advice from someone who’s been in the IT industry for 29 years;
    Read the posts on the PalmOne and PalmCentral site then steer clear of this device.
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    This is my first "smart phone". I mainly bought this because I am highly dependant on a Palm handheld device(or a notepad if I forget it) for my work(recording maintenance on air traffic control systems, inventory control, and tracking training requirements for my subordinates), and the 650 sounded like a great way for me to use one device for phone and PDA. I write my own custom apps for what I need to do because the Palm OS is simple enough to not confuse me, and powerful enough to do what I need it to do. SO far so good. I've had some of the problems that I've seen floating around this forum, but I haven't been troubled by them. For what I need to do the Treo 650 accomplishes it's mission.
    Current device: Palm Pre
    Former devices: Treo 755p, Treo 650
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    I'm 67. Never needed a PDA when I was working, but when I retired 2-1/2 years ago, I got a Zire 71. Now I can't live without it. Got the Treo650 about a week ago. I'm still having some problems with VersaMail, DocumentsToGo never has worked. and I'm trying to figure out how to hook it up to my laptop for email/web surfing. But I like it anyway!
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    LOL! Those were the days.
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    Been using Palm from the very first Pilot. Temporarilly distracted by the SE P900. Happy to be back with Palm. My 650 is great. Couple of freezes in 4 weeks but the functionality and usuability is so good I am prepared to live with that while Palm work on the improved firmware...
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    Hey jvanyc,

    I don't know how to actually set it up in a "poll" so that's why i just did it like this. Sorry for the inconvience.
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    32. I was mildly disappointed with it at first (no multitasking OS bites), but the more I use it - the more I'm glad I have it.
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    I'm 20, started my smartphone legacy when I was 16 with the old b&w kyocera qcp-6035 brick, traded to the treo 300 on a warranty return. bought the upgrade to the 600 when it was first released and just got the 650 on a warranty trade with sprint last week. the kyocera was my first handheld of any kind btw.
    Sprint Kyocera 6035> Verizonized Sprint 6035> Treo 300> Sprint Treo 600> Sprint Treo 650> Cingular 8125> Sprint Treo 650> Sprint Treo 700wx

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    33. First smartphone, love not having to carry a separate phone and PDA! I can take the occasional (random) resets.
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    g'morning ^_^/, 25 years here and this is my first smartphone and I'm really loving it. Now I don't have any reason to leave my phone behind anymore, before I always take my PDA with me everywhere but sometimes forgot the phone at home, now that isn't the case anymore. (^_^)
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    The only thing that separates the men from the the lessons they learn.
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    I'm in the last year of the ever so popular demographic 18 to 34.
    My first mobile device was a Casio 64k organizer then when I lost that I vowed never to own another portable with all my info in it!
    Then the Palm V with 8MB came out and the rest is... well you know.
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    Love the Treo, been using Palm PDAs forever (seems like!)
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    Casios, Sharps, Palms -> Visor -> Treo 180 -> Treo 600 -> Tre0 650
    >> Drop by! <<

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    32, and the Treo is a HUGE step up from my Nokia entry-level cell phone (which is now a desk paperweight).

    By the way, I'm the second in my office to get a Treo. The first was our 61 year old boss, who is a total techno geek. Very impressive.
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    Finally upgraded from my trusty-rusty Palm V. I now use my $25 Nokia GSM only while skiing .. that way I don't have to worry about hurting my 650
    I love the 650 I can finally REALLY use the PDA because its always on me. My wife bought it for me, but now she hates it.. u know why

    Sid Vajirkar
    Unlocked 650
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