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    37. Had the bag phone for a while back in the early 90s then got a motorola flip phone pre star tac. Remember how expensive it was back then to talk on your cell phone? We have come such a long way in a few short years!
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    43, and had at least 2 "Bag Phones" when they first came out. The unlocked Treo 650 GSM is the 1st Smartphone I have owned, but I have had the original Zoomer, Palm Pilot, Palm 3x, M505, M515, and now I have it all in one great device. I am a road Warrior for a Software Co. out of San Francisco, and am looking forward to the mobility the Treo will give me.
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    The Treo will not only be my 1st smartphone; it will be my 1st PDA. My DH had a Palm for work when he serviced digital alarm equipment. The Palm had a specially written app on it that allowed reprogramming of the alarm's motherboard. He used to sit & play with that thing for HOURS! I think it may have been a Palm III. I know it was one of the early models.
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    24...still trying to figure my phone out...
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    i'm 35 and i'm on my first treo. I get bored too fast with other phones. I don't use it for business. I love it becase I'm a gadget freek. I could never go back to a regular phone again. I use to carry two devices, an ipaq and a phone. its so much better to carry one device
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    31...I love my Treo 650. I've been a Palm user for @ 7 yrs now. This is my first Treo, and I absolutely love it. I got the "Taxi" easter egg day-b4-yesterday, and it about made my week
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    Te >T3 > T3 > Zod2 > Z72 > waiting for t650
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    45 going on 20...lovin that 650!
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    28... i've had my 650 for about 2 months, and i love it! my wife isn't so fond of her new competetion, though...

    i bought it for work, but i've used it more for play!
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    I'm 35, and this is my first phone, and first palm...............
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    I'm 36...been using Palms since 24. I always had to have the latest teeny-tiny phone to go with them. This is huge in comparison, but I will never go the two device route again. No business fact, haven't "worked" in 16 years. Still, I use my Treo for EVERYTHING! I absolutely don't know what I would do without it!
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    Im 30
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    30. First Treo, fourth Palm device. I too had a bag phone back in the day, and I remember how excited I was to buy the Motorola Timeport when it first came out. I believe it was one of the first silver phones and it also had some sort of basic Web access on it. I'm a total gadget girl!

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    Best Palm I have ever had, and we are talking the Palm Pilot on up!
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    28 and i liked the Treo 650 because it replaces the two devices I had
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    Why isnt this formatted in a POLL???
    it is so easy
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    I'm 30

    I use my 650 for school

    10 different dictionaries
    spell checker
    nursing drug guide
    datebook 5
    love it, love it, love it
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    32, I used to sell the Motorola bricks (people loved them). Then moved on to the Motorola Elite II. Then the Timeport (connected via data cable to my HP Jornada I had my fist access to the mobile web). Since then I have had too many to count. Addicted . Currently have T650 and Siemens SX66.
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    33 -- Palm III > Visor Deluxe > M505 > Samsung I330 > T600 > T650
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