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    27, and after a long history of buying almost every device since the I300 I finally work for a company that paid for my new 650 w/bluetooth headset. GOTTA LOVE THAT!!!!
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    So I am the old fart of the thread......hey I was in my forties when I bought it. Now I'm 50.
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    Well, I feel a little better (though an earlier poster said he was 61). I'm 49 and have been using Palmy things since the III, first cell phone was the "brick on a stick" Motorola back in 1990. Third Treo (300 -> 600 -> 650)
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    I just got a Treo650 today, and I love it!

    I'm 15, my birthday is at the end of this month and got it for that (16th B-Day)
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    Retired, on SS, owned many since original128K Palm Pilot. Now 65. Bride of 42 years has me beat @ 66, but has T600. Could use some charity to upgrade wife to 6.50 as we always buy our own. Grandson has used my old palms since 3 1/2 playing games like traffic and picobon?

    Looks like we win on both ends.
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    52 , t600 and t300 past two yrs
    Bob Shipman
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    45, I have a 650 *unlocked* phone.
    Palm III -> Palm IIIx -> Palm Vx -> Handera 330 -> m515 -> Samsung SPH-I300 (Sprint) -> Tungsten T -> Sony TH55 (BT/WiFi UK) + SE T637 -> Garmin iQue 3600 -> unlocked Treo 650 (AT&T), Jabra BT110 Headset
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    50....Palm history below. PC's/phones back to stone age...
    Pilot Pro -> Vx w/Omnisky ->Kyo 6035 ->Kyo 7135 ->Treo 650->iPhone 2G->iPhone3G ->Pre 3?
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    48 & this Treo 650 is my first "Palm" device.

    Don't think I'll ever go back to a PocketPC ever again.
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    Glad to see some old guys checking in. I'm 74, so I should hold the age record. I've used Palm devices almost since their inception, including Treo 180, 270, 600 and now 650. Prior to that I had an HP organizer. Can't remember the model, but it was over ten years ago. Currently have 1800 names and addresses in my 650, along with a lot of other software, and still have 9.0 MB of memory. I put a lot of stuff on the SD card (256 MB). Use Blazer a lot as well as Versamail. I travel a lot, flying my own airplane, and on the last two flights, I left my laptop at home and used the 650 exclusively. Worked fine for me.
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    Now see, that's what i like hearing... Forget your laptop? No big deal just let the Treo handle all your needs! Great post.
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    48 for a few more days. Back in the day, I used an Apple Newton. What a gem! Too bad they quit supporting it, because it was way ahead of it's time.
    This is my first Treo, but I've wanted one since I saw the first one receiving email a few years ago. This one was worth waiting for!
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    I'm 35 and I love this thing!! btw, it seems to kick out a lot of interference/radiation, it makes my computer screen flicker and I get a buzz in my computer speakers if I bring the treo too close to it.
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    43 and love the 650!
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    52: PalmIII>PalmVx>Treo270>Treo650 (worth the wait).

    Like jetprop I often leave the note[brick]book in the office and just use the Treo. I do a lot of financial calculations, so I just need a spreadsheet (and VersaMail) to dazzle the clients.
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    Lol! The discussions of older model "brick" phones bring back some memories. I had a friend with a Motorola bag phone. He thought that he was the s**t. My 1st cell was a huge NEC that was "small" in comparison to the other available models. My mom's 1st cell was a Motorola StarTac(?) flip phone. I remember thinking how cool it was that her phone folded up into half the size of my phone.
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    55 and not countin,g
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    27. This is my first Treo. My best friend is a Sprint manager and he gave it to me as a wedding present. I have never been addicted to a piece of machinery before......

    I will be a Treo user for many years to come!
    I've heard that polar bear steaks are tough, but maybe if you marinated them in beer they'd turn out all right.
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