The oddest thing happened to me and my new (unlocked) GSM Treo 650. There I was, hot-synching it (on a Mac with iSync and Palm's Hot Sync in combo)...all was fine, and when it finished, I went to unplug it from my PowerBook and ZAP! static electricity and a mild shock when I touched the Treo.

No biggie, right? Wrong, as the Treo went dead and started resetting itself over and over. Popped out the battery and put it back in ... same thing, so I plugged it into the AC charger, where the Palm screen lit up and told me my battery was pretty much empty. OK, no worries, I'll just recharge it.

Ahh, and here's the tragedy the battery held no new charge whatsoever. Even after like 6 hours, it registered 0% recharged. So just to be sure, I bought a new Treo 650 battery, charged it in the unit overnight and...same thing. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Now I'm no battery expert, and I find it odd and not a little worrisome as to the Treo's durability that one relatively mild static shock could fry the whole recharging system. Anybody out there have any experience and/or knowledge of the destructive relationship b/t static electricity and batteries?

There is a happy ending to this saga, thankfully, and I'll be getting a new Treo in a couple days c/o Palm One. Luckily, I was still within the 30-day replacement window.

Otherwise, love the thing ... great phone, great PIM, pretty decent camera and excellent web tool.