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    Hey, has anyone tried using the lotus notes connector for outlook? I just downloaded it now and i'm going through the hotsync setup for outlook and it's finding the right folders... i'm pretty impressed.
    I'm in a situation where i was using outlook/exchange, but am now being forced to move to notes/domino. i can't stand notes and we're having problems with compatibilty with mobile devices and notes- hmmm wasn't expecting that at all!
    but anyway- it seems to be pretty cool. and i can access my entire notes mailbox through the good interface of outlook 2003.
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    ive been trying to sync my treo 600 to lotus notes for about 2 months...i'd even be happy if just the calander syncd! i've tried everything...can you tell me what you did exactly ???
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    I used it at my previous job with no issues (just started my new one last Monday), but now, on my new laptop, it's telling me to configure Outlook for offline synchronization, which puts me at a loss. I think that's only if you're dealing with an Exchange configuration, which I most definitely am NOT. Help! Here's my error message:

    Outlook Calendar
    Please set the option "Enable Synchronization when Outlook is offline" in UI inorder to synchronize in Offline mode
    OLERR:0C-000F (0x0)
    - Not Synchronized
    OK Outlook Calendar with 1 message(s)
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    ufo8mycat -- here's how you do it:

    Get your lotus notes install working perfectly.
    Purchase Outlook 2003 (I think it works with 2000 too, but don't quote me).
    Install Outlook, get it runnning by opening it and establishing your .pst.
    Google Microsoft Outlook Connector for Lotus Domino -- it'll find the free download from Microsoft's site. Download that, and install it with Outlook closed.
    Open Outlook, and it should automatically have found your Notes configuration, (including address books, etc), and give you a .nst file -- it'll show up in your tree on the left, and look like another email account. It should ask you if you want the Connector to be your default email account.

    That's it! Good luck!
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    Anyone? Bueller? I still can't sync with Outlook, and it's driving me crazy!

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