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    I want to know if anyone used or tried Verizon EVDO. I want to get Verizon EVDO card and use it on my laptop on run. At this time I am using PDAnet through Treo but I want a dedicated data connection with more speed. Can someone guide me to right direction.

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    works great. pretty fast by my estimate. but you need to be in a metro area, otherwise the speed decreases to dial up speeds.
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    Have used it for a number of months and in the areas where Verizon has rolled out EVDO, the speed can approximate broadband. If you couple this with maximizing use of the Venturi compression client that comes with it and some card tuning, it hauls.
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    Works great and fast.

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    Will the VZW Treo 650 be EV-DO capable?
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    There's a PC Mag article in the current issues on cellular broadband where they picked EVDO as the editor's choice technology....I was kinda surprised though as their US coverage area is about 1/2 of 1 % of the continental US.

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