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    Quote Originally Posted by ButtUglyJeff
    I just called the Cingular national customer service and it was verified that Cingular supports MEdia Net with the Treo 650.

    Not that I didn't trust you guys, but it does feel good hearing it from someone with Cingular.

    Now as long as nobody screems at me that I'm an ***** for chosing Cingular over Sprint, I should be OK.....................
    Please don't get used to that "Feeling good hearing it from Cingular"! Call two minutes after that "feel good" call and you'll get an unnatural sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when hearing something totally different from the Next Rep! That being said, trust your own research abilities and TRUST the TREOCENTRAL FORUM! Believe me, there is a ton of experience in here. I've been with Cingular since it was PacBell wireless and have received more lines of craps from Reps in the past 7+ years than you can ever imagine. Nonetheless, I have Media Works which was $19.99 in January & I got it to use with my Treo 600 while waiting for my Treo 650. No one even knew if it would even work with the T600 or T650. I tried it immediately in a Cingular store and voile! Works like a charm. They said that they wanted to offer a PDA plan at a higher price (in comparison to a non-smartphone using the net) because they know we'd be using it all of the time! Cingular tries to squeeze every last dime out of you that they can BUT I'll still stick with them because the coverage works for me quite well.
    Take care, enjoy your Treo to the fullest and enjoy informative decision making!
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    Thank you Burrzoo. Now I have to check my SIM card to make sure its correct, and call PalmOne for my SD card.
    Somebody....anybody........................Don't let Dr. Doom spill his Kool-Aid on his brand new "perrywinkle" sweater vest!!!
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    I would suggest that Mr. Schuman as a "computer professional" stop being a "winerbag" and do a little research. Does AT&Tingular have a screwed up customer service area from trying to mash together two completely separate customer service departments overnight ? As the saying goes....."No Boubt adout it".

    But does this guy really need a service rep to hold his hand ? Adding a data plan is a simple thing if only you can be a big boy and navigate the world wide web all by yourself. If you can't do that without a gal on the telephone who 6 months ago, her most difficult task was remembering to ask "do you want fries with that" to hold your hand, you shouldn't be allowed to use a data plan.

    It's a simple thing , go to the cingular web site, selct "My Account" / "My Fetaures" / "Available Features" and select what you want from the following list:

    Select "Add feature" next to any item you want to add to your account. If you would like more than one feature, you can return to this page after completing your first addition.

    Wireless Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Current Features Available Features
    Select: Go


    Monthly Charge

    PDA Connect - Unlimited $39.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 2500 messages/month $19.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - Unlimited $24.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 8 MB/month $19.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 200 messages/month $4.99 Add feature
    Extended Nights and Weekends $7.00 Add feature
    MEdia Works $19.99 Add feature
    MEdia Basic $9.99 Add feature
    Xpress Mail for BlackBerry - Unlimited $44.99 Add feature
    Xpress Mail for BlackBerry - 4 MB/month $34.99 Add feature
    Unlimited Shared Mobile to Mobile Calling $9.99 Add feature
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling $9.99 Add feature
    Voice Connect $4.99 Add feature
    Detailed Billing $0.99 Add feature
    Enhanced Voice Mail $3.99 Add feature
    Roadside Assistance $2.99 Add feature
    Three-Way Calling $0.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 50 messages/month $2.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 500 KB/month $4.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 1000 messages/month $9.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 3 MB/month $9.99 Add feature
    Basic Voice Mail $1.99 Add feature
    Call Forwarding $0.99 Add feature
    Data Connect 10MB $24.99 Add feature
    Data Connect 20MB $34.99 Add feature

    Now I know I was a bit hard on the Customer Service Rep there above but with the merger, people ya gotta understand that a whole slew of people have to be retrained and that they are taking that training in between taking all your phone calls. It's going to be a while before everyone gets up to speed and the people on the other end of that phone are going to range between well trained, courteous professionals to untrained, newly hired, young, inexperienced, frustrated, "valley girls" and their male equivalents.

    If Mr. Schuman can't deal with that until they come up to speed why doesn't he simply manage his account himself. I could undertand such frustration with an newb but this guy is suppossed to be an "authority". Should all of the rest of us have to wait 6 months for our Treos and Data Plans while AT&Tingular trains customer service ? If Customer Servcie is screwed up, and it certainly is, why not just point out that 1) there is no need to talk them and 2) that you will get a cheaper data plan if you just do it yourself from the web site by avoidng the customer service reps question (those of them rained enough to ask) "what type of phone do you have" since answering "treo" puts you on the more expensive PDA plan.
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