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    I'm a nursing student. I've decided to ditch my paper reference books in favor of ebooks on a Palm. Namely, I'm looking at replacing my Taber's, Davis Drug, RNotes, and Lab/Diagnostics manual. These are available as a suite from Skyscape. I have already won (& I will complete the sale) a Tungsten E on eBay. BUT, I'm really salivating over the idea of ditching my phone and just having one device. I'm seriously considering an unlocked Treo 650 from palmOne. I'm a Tmobile user, and I've always bought unbranded, unlocked phones except for the "freebie" phones I've gotten with a new contract. I'm a bit of a stickler about screens and readability, so I know the 650's higher res will be a better decision for me. I'm also impatient, so the higher proc speed will keep me happier too. Any ideas? Suggestions? Will the 650 handle my needs? (I do a ton of texting, lots of phone calls, will use the med references heavily on clinical days. I may even *try* to get organized since I understand a lot of folks ditch their DayRunner when they get a PDA.)
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    Go for it. Reading ebooks is a student, you will probably read more because you will have them with you all the time. You can also use documents to go if you have some papers and such in MS word format.

    The screen is great. I am not sure if the phone portion is gonna work for you. Some have complained about dialing delays and low volume. You usually get a 14 day trial period so take advantage of that and I think in the end you will keep it. Its great to integrate all your contacts, appointments and phone calls all in one device. Good Luck.
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    give it a try and you too will be hooked.. I love this thing...
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    I don't beleive many here will tell you not to get a treo. I am a pharmacist and the 650 has made my work day much easier. All of the refernce material that is available for the palm platform is amazing. I also set many todo alarms for myself during the day so that I can remember get things done. That coupled with all of the other things you can do ie calc, mapopolis, mps play back, camera (If is see a job completed poorly I can take a picture and show the person) ebooks, voice recorder ect ect.

    On top of all that I can talk on it and not look like batman with a phone and pda on my belt.

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    I think all totaled the programs I want will just barely overrun the available memory, pushing me into a SD card immediately.

    Oh, and what color is the GSM unlocked version?
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    I am a nurse practitioner and midwife. I recently bought a Treo 600 (am a Verizon user so no 650 yet), and I am thrilled with the all-in-one. I had a Pocket PC but didn't use it much as I find it much more cumbersome to carry both a PDA and phone. I have, in the past, beta-tested clinical programs and thought they were great. I am not currently in clinical practice but definitely plan to add clinical programs when I return to seeing patients. Perhaps by then I'll have a 650 ; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by LennyV
    On top of all that I can talk on it and not look like batman with a phone and pda on my belt.
    foooooo awww kin funny
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