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    At, we just ran a piece about data problems that Cingular has been having with the Treo650. Have any of you experienced similar problems? Any feedback or insights would be appreciated.,1759,1771603,00.asp
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    If you haven't done so, you need to search the forums for threads on Cingular and data (MEdia plans and the like). Your article is not far off of the mark. Cingular does not have its act together on the data side, and the plans are not well understood by the CSRs. Some of us are just plain lucky/smart to have the 'original' MEdia Works plan (phased out a few months ago) with unlimited data, 1500 SMS messages and some MMS as well, all for $19.99/month.
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    Cingular does not realize what it has. I have been using Cingular since 1990 when it was Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems. They ran the company like it was supposed to be. When Cingular bought them, they completely ruined the customer service department. Every time that I venture in to my local Cingular store, I am amazed at how little these people know. What really amazes me is that they will sell you a Treo and then tell you that the Business Department will resolve your issues. I too have spent countless hours on the phone waiting for help that sometimes never arrives. Come on Cingular. Get your act together.

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