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    hye y'all

    i'm a new user of Treo i need some help....i have some midi files in my sd how can i use those files as my system ringtones?
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    You'll need a player (either Pocket Tunes or Aeroplayer) and a ringtone manager (either LightWav, PhoneTechnician, or CallFilter).
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       #3 another problem...

    i've tried to use lightwav....1st my phone resets when there is an incoming call....then i tried to configure....after that my phone didnt resets...but it's only sound....
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    If you run a few searches here and elsewhere, and look at the commentary on related PalmGear pages, you'll discover that ToySoft products, such as LightWav and KoolAlarms, simply are not ready for primetime. CallFilter and others will do what you want, without sending you on a one way tour of Reset City in the process.

    Suggestion: if you didn't install with one of the uninstall managers, such as InWatch, do a backup to the card using a 3rd party app (BackUpMan, BackUp Buddy) to be sure you have all your data files. Then do a hard reset to cleanse your device of anything remotely related to LightWav, since it also pollutes your prefs file. Change your desktop backup directory name to something like NO_backup, to ensure none of that stuff gets back on your device. Then install one by one, and grab the associated data files via individual restores.

    Finally, I'm not being a wise guy here, but to protect yourself in the future, before installing an app, you might want to run a search thru these forums first. You'll save yourself a ton of grief. (I learned the hard way, so I'm passing it on to spare you the aggravation awaiting you otherwise.)
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    Actually the best way to install MIDI files is using the built-in mechanism. Mail the files to your POP account as an attachment and pick them up with the Mail app in your 600. When you open the attachment, it will install the MIDI file as a ringtone/alert. You can do the same thing in Blazer (Web) by goimg to a page with a MID file download link - e.g.
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    thanx a lot u guyz...

    I'm now using Ringo Pro....n it's running perfectly on my treo 600....then i tried to use Treoguard....but when there is an incoming calls...a clash ringtones happened..i mean 2 ringtones played together....after that i deleted the Ringo Pro....n Treoguard working smoothly on my treo....but after 2 or 3 hours later...the problem came phone resets when there is an incoming calls...why is that happened?..

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