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    I was just told by Cingular tech support that they have begun charging a $15.00 "processing fee" to return defective Treo's that are still under warranty. Funny how the warranty policy can change without notice.

    I figure it must be to pay for the AT&T buyout. I hung up the phone and called PalmOne directly.

    As a consultant, I've returned so many of these damned Treo's for my clients that I've lost count. Treo's are a nice idea but too bad they couldn't build them with any kind of quality. This goes for Treo 600's and 650's.

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    I have to have my 650 in the mail tomorrow if I want to use the 30 day return option. I am still waiting for it to come back from PalmOne. As much as I love the device, the flaws, technical problems and red tape are making me want to get out. A tip for anyone getting a new 650: Get if from a local store so you can exchange it onsite. Turnaround from Palm and FedEx adds a week of waiting.

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