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    I remember a while back someone posted a direct number to customer relations at Palm One?

    I have called their support number twice and have waited on hold over 80 minutes one time and 60 minutes the next with no answer from a representative!

    My Treo 600 has been replaced once and it acting up again, so I need to talk to SOMEONE about another swap, hopefully before Christmas

    Tried searching for the post from back in the fall that had a CS guy in the USA's number in it but couldn't find it... Anyone have a number??

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    I've done 3 hours. And you know what? She told me to call a number number which was DEAD. B!tch!
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    I left a voicemail at the number posted in this thread and got a call back an hour later and from a tier two tech support guy the next day...
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    I called three times yesterday, on hold for an hour each time, then spontaneous disconnect. They must be swamped with problems and underequipped.
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    Sorry it took me so long to come back to this thread, but I FOUND THE NUMBER and it WORKS!!!! I had a new Treo in TWO DAYS! Wooo hoo!

    Here's the number for all you folks:

    407-531-4496 select option 2
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    I just used this number and it works GREAT! Last week I was on hold for 3 separate hours, followed by spontaneous disconnect.

    Congratulations Ohio indeed!

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