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    Is Palm going down? Will it have a resurgence, like Apple?
    Does the Treo have a future or will we all be using Nokias?

    Sweating PalmOne
    By Troy Wolverton Staff Reporter
    2/28/2005 7:35 AM EST

    PalmOne is quickly becoming a one-trick pony. The question is how long the company can ride it before it finds a new way to rejuvenate its revenue and stock price -- or before it falls by the wayside.

    The company's "trick," of course, is its popular line of Treo smartphones, which helped jolt sales and PalmOne's stock last year, even as its traditional business as the leading handheld computer maker continued to falter.

    Despite the device's success, some investors and analysts are questioning the future of the Treo and, in turn, PalmOne.

    "They're in trouble right now," said Jay Somaney, a portfolio manager with TSG Capital Group, who has followed PalmOne closely over the years, but doesn't have a current position in the company's shares. "The Treo's a good product, but [PalmOne's] got a tremendous amount of hurdles ahead of them."

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    There is a lot of negative talk about palmOne and PalmSource. I, for one, think it's all noise. Even if palmOne is bought out or shuts down, PalmSource has made a number of annoucements that will ensure Palm OS will be around for a long time.

    Alan G

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