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    Has anyone tried to load Act for Palm OS with a sprint version of the Treo 650?

    I just got off the phone with Act and they say it does not work at this time even though it worked fine with the 600.
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    I have installed ACT! for Palm OS on my Troe 650 as well - but it does not really work. I can only read the data - it crashes when scheduling a new activity - call, meeting or to-do - or making any change to the database other than viewing it.

    The Treo 600 uses the v5.2.1H Palm OS which works with ACT.
    I understand from researching this problem that the New Garnet 5.4 Palm OS does not do well with database type programs such as ACT or StreetFinder.

    If anyone knows of a solution - or a patch - I would appreciate any news.

    Below is a document from ACT the website that states the possible challenge with the Palm OS 5.4 and the ACT! Palm OS.
    Document ID: 2004118123158
    Document Title: Does ACT! for Palm OS support Palm OS 5.4?
    Product(s): ACT! 6.0 - PC; ACT! Express; ACT! for Palm OS - 1.0; ACT! Link 2.0 for Palm OS handhelds; ACT! Link 2005 for Palm OS
    Operating System(s):Windows 2000; Windows 98; Windows ME; Windows NT; Windows XP Home; Windows XP Pro

    You have a Palm with the New Garnet 5.4 Palm OS on it like Tungsten T5 or Treo 650 and want to know if ACT! for Palm OS will support this hardware.

    The Palm Tungsten T5 or Treo 650 with the Garnet 5.4 Palm OS, Palm Desktop 4.1.4, and HotSync Manager 6.0.1 combination has not been tested with ACT! Link for Palm OS and is therefore not supported.
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    So, if I'm reading this right, I can look-up and view ACT info with Act for Palm on my 650, but I just can't modify or schedule with it...

    Sounds like it's running 50% and that may be good enough for me...
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    That's what I decided too. Keep in mind that if you do anything like try to add or modify data in ACT - the Treo 650 will reset itself. I figured that I at least have my data to view. Please contact ACT and request an update - maybe if enough of us ask they may work on a patch sooner than later.
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    Another potential problem... my friend put it on his 650 and it hijacked his phone button. The only way he got the phone button to show the phone instead of starting ACT, was by removing ACT... As I understand it, the current ACT for Palm software is a lame duck - ACT isn't developing it anymore, they are instead working on an all-new program that will compatible with their new version 7 software.
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    This is a bummer! I was just getting ready to get a 650 AND buy ACT...
    Does anyone know of a good alternative to ACT that WILL work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mykidsdad
    This is a bummer! I was just getting ready to get a 650 AND buy ACT...
    Does anyone know of a good alternative to ACT that WILL work?
    Your only choice with Act is to go Act 6.0 (with update and telephony fix) and Act for Palm on a Treo 600. This combination gives you a good working (both way sync) with only a few nuance type problems. No other combination completely works on the 600 and nothing works on the 650.

    If you search there are also some other work arounds but they do not give you two way sync with Act on your PC.

    Words of caution: Act 2005 data base will not go back to Act 6.0, and You cannot rebuild your PC from Act for Palm on a Treo. (You can only download from PC to Treo and then sync). So the Treo is not a backup for your Act in your PC.

    Please enlist everybody you know or can influence to write and beg Best Software to get on the move with a fix for this situation.

    Act 2005 last I heard had a ton of problems and absolutely did not interface with Act for Palm. And it will not work on the 650.

    We need to put pressure on Act and Best Software.


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    I agree with Curt ---
    Let ACT know now that you are interested via
    and also call Customer Service asking for details on when they will have an update for the Treo 650 Palm OS v5.4 ****CALL- 877-386-8083 ****

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