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    I know this sounds crazy. but I wonder if we could order the individual components which we are looking for - 400 mhz processor, 320 x 320 screen, 64 mb ram, wifi driver, etc, from varying vendors and assemble our own customized treo-like smartphone?
    wouldn't this be just like building your own computer according to the specifications YOU want? now I realized the smartphone industry is in the earliest stage, but don't you think there are some bright engineers among us who are more than capable of doing this? ok, maybe not a smartphone, but how about a wifi enabled handheld? im sure this would be more expensive than buying a palmone - built device, but the advantage here is that you could build the device according to your every whim.
    is this possible? im sure I will get a surge of sarcastic responses to this, but I've been giving this some thought - why not build the smartphone that I want, vs having to buy whatever a certain company decides is " good enough " for the consumers right now?
    this is probably so expensive to carry out its not worth it - ordering a company to custom design a screen, or processor or keyboard according to my needs would amount to an astronomical price tag, but I couldn't help but wonder. what do you think, engineers, is this feasible?
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    This works with desktop computers because all the interfaces are standard: PCI cards, memory sockets, USB ports, VGA monitor ports, Power Supply connectors, etc. And because space isn't at a premium. Try building your own notebook computer this way, and you'll find it much more difficult.

    What you suggest is more akin to building your own video card by buying all the chips and assembling them onto a PCI board.
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    What if we do simple modifications to the Treo (600 and/or 650) to include more memory (same chipset n manufacturer could possably do it). But the chips would have to be flashed with the Palm OS. Anyone know something about the memory maker of the treos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk
    What if we do simple modifications to the Treo (600 and/or 650) to include more memory (same chipset n manufacturer could possably do it).
    The surface mount components in the Treo are typically so tiny that that a normal hacker with a soldering iron wouldn't be able to successfully remove and replace anything without damage.
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