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    Any ideas on what I should do with it?

    I allready made a portal w/ my name and reward info and set it to my home page.

    Any other ideas? I could provide free POP email accounts if you guys need them.

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    put some forums on there to start

    and expanding on the mobile links would be cool
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    Hmmm...nothing wrong with adding a link to a mobile search engine...

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    built for easy acess
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    hehehe, I love the "reward if returned" might want to reconsider putting your # up though.
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    Yeah dude, you might wanna make the reward page with your personal phone number a more discreet page....

    Like (something a regular visitor to your site wont come across) and make that your homepage.
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    Is it just me or did disappear?
    <a href="">
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    built for easy acess
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    I took it offline, I'm working on it.
    If you want to see what it was, its at
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    If you want, we added the code to add our search capability to other mobile sites. If you are interested, here is the link:
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    built for easy acess

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