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    hi I am an huge fan of PLMO products and stock price if anyone here can help me out in determinig how sales of th treo 650 and 600 are doing that would be a great help.Thanks
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    Well, considering they are backordered in many places, they either did a poor job in forecasting (Cingular sure did) or sales are just phenomenal. They even sold out of the cradles after overcharging for them - now THAT is a strong demand. Despite the many complaints about the product on this board, in terms of sales and profits, I venture to guess palmOne has a winner here. Whether it is enough to stem the tide of Windows PDAs is another matter...
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    thanks apparently people are also worried than they stay stucked with a lot of treo 600 inventory any thought on that?What about the PDA business??Thanks for your help.
    By the way i have the treo 650 do you know of any better we b broser for it and mail programs(with sync to exchange over the air??)
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    I know a lot of people at Sprint both lower level CSR types and a few VPs. All of them say the 650 sales were way over their expectations and that, in fact, the were not prepared for the demand. No numbers but they told me sales much higher for 650 than any other smartphone including 6601.

    OTOH, if you look at the industry reports, there is trouble in P1-land given that PDA-only sales are way down and most experts agree that the PDA only business is a dead end.

    Also, for the first time recently Palm OS dropped behind microsoft OS as far as installed units sold. That is not necessarily a fair comparison since Microsoft and Symibian OS's are also on devices that don't directly compete with Palm, but its an indication of relative overall strength of the platforms.

    Of course P1 is not necessarily tied to PalmSource in the future, but as of now, thats all they have.
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    thanks for your opinion i guess the PDA business is already really discounted in today stock price but I have been told than they are launching some new products for the may quarter in order to compete more efficiently against windows systems.anymore commentary would be appreciated i am an analyst at atop hedge fund and we really think shares are cheap at these prices.I love their product too and the following the treo has in msg boards like this one is amazing...
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    Hmm. I'd look at other tech stocks; there are other businesses far more strategically sound and brilliant (e.g., Apple). A year ago, I predicted they would be flying high, and even now, it's probably a good time to pick up a couple shares before the (28th) split. That doesn't necessarily mean the value is there, just that you get "in" before the split. Anyway, the telecom industry, not specific to Palm OS, is a better strategy, IMHO. I think that with the merger talks of MCI and Nextel, those two will go through the roof.

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    There's really no benefit to buying Apple's shares now. Primarily because that there's no real benefit to getting in before the split, other than the initial hype after it is announced usually gives a good bump to the stock price. There's really no difference in buying 50 shares today at $90 or 100 shares tomorrow at $45. Same dollars at the end of the day.

    Additionally, the split is only for shares held as of the close of business on 2/18.
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    If I remember correctly, about 40% of top line revenue is generated from the higher margin Treo line. However, PLMO will be increasingly dependent on the Treo line due to the declining PDA demand. The problem with this is that, PLMO used to make a lot of money through the traditional PDA market, due to sheer volume (but ower margins). As the PDA market shrinks, PLMO will need to make up some of the loss through the Treo line.

    The Treo line is expensive to its competitors for the most part. RIM is selling a lot of 7100s and Nokia is selling Series 60s at the expensive of the Treo. PLMO needs a lower cost, higher volume Treo to reach out to the lower cost market. I mean, how many of us out there can afford a Treo? Especially if you can get a $199 BlackBerry 7100 that does most of the core things that the Treo can.

    I think there are better investment opportunities out there for sure. PLMO has had a somewhat poor management track record. Declining market share, uninspiring product launches, and manufacturing/logistic execution problems. The strangle hold that PLMO once had on the industry is up and unlikely to return. It is clear the Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian have the momentum now.
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