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    Installed some apps on my phone, and it caused it to run out of memory. the error message pops up when it hits the 2nd palm screen (gray one). The message says "Free data storage space on the handheld is low. Delete application or data." I can't click ok, it just keeps going to reboot. Can someone tell me what to do? you can aolIM me at afoxhc if that's faster? Thanks to all!

    UPDATE: GOT IT FIXED. I think it was verichat. I originally removed the demo version, then reinstalled it. It seems that every time I scroll down in my app screen, it resets when it starts to scroll. any suggestion of how to fix this? or is this something that verichat does to prevent one from uninstall/reinstall demo'd versions of it's program?
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    Yeah, there's a bug in the 650 that causes it to go into endless reset loop if you completely use up all the available ram. Next time do a warm reset to exit the loop...
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