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    Well, we certainly don't have to worry about the Paris Hilton Scam, since as someone else said here, all her info was saved on Tmobiles servers. However, with bluetooth out there now, it appears that is how that Cabir virus is spreading. How vulnerable are the palm based cellphones with Bluetooth, to the Cabir virus, and all the ones that are soon to follow? From what I understand, on some other OS's, like Symbian, it can spread as easily as two people passing one another using bluetooth headsets!

    I am just a techy and advanced user. Certainly not someone with any working knowledge of these phones. Can we get some insights here from the Folks that may know the REAL answers? (folks with the knowledge like Shadow)
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    What if you dont use bluetooth? It seems very possible to catch a virus by surfing the web, or syncing with an infected computer. Is there any way to get a virus simply by talking on the phone (i'm not so sure that's possible). I know it hasn't been done and there is little incentive for a rational person to want to create a treo virus. But thats what people were saying years ago about desktop computers.
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    What ? You mean it's safe to come out of the bunker ? Y2K is over ?

    Almost all the worms, mutants, virus, and other nasties are aimed at William Gates and his loosely coded (o)perating systems ? and other blonders, I mean wonders of MS.

    Don't loose sleep over it.

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