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    how do I beam all contacts at once from treo to treo? 600's both
    Thanks in adavance
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    I did this to get TH55 contacts into my Treo (600). There may very well be another way, but this worked beautifully. First, create the same categories on the second device. Then:

    Phone (Treo #1)
    . . . menu: View >> Contacts
    . . . Choose a category (not "all")
    . . . menu key: Record >>> Beam category

    Repeat to grab all categories
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    You could just beam the addressdb file over and get them all at once...
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    where is the addressb file?
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    never it.
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    I am trying to beam my contacts on my Treo 600 to my new Treo 755p. Each device indicates that beaming is "on." However, I get an error message saying another handheld computer cannot be found. I have tried all kinds of commands, etc., with no luck.

    I would assume that Palm device that "beam" could all communicate with one another?

    Anyone have tips, suggestions, etc.

    Thanks, Robert in Austin, Texas
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    If you're lining up the IR ports of both phones and still get no signal, then one of them is simply not on. Sometimes you need to do a soft reset on the 755p to re-enable IR. A simple battery pull should do the trick. Then try turning IR on and transferring.

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