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    The Treo is the first phone I have owned that had SMS capability. How exactly do I use this? The Treo 650 manual has about 2 1/3 lines on SMS, with no instructions. I have the native Treo apps loaded, plus Agendus Pro. Can someone help me unlock this little mystery?
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    In the app enter the address of the personal (e.g. their phone number). On the lines below enter up 160 chars (sms limit) and hit send.
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    Also note to send most sms you will need to use the area code eg 780-xxx-xxxx , usually all sms you receive are free but the ones you send cost 15-25 cents depending on the a package if you start using it alot.
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    I have a question too. Most SMS capable phones send txt messages to the phone, and message can be sent from the phone.

    Why with the Sprint Treo 650 am I notified instantly but have to go out to the net to get my messages? Why do messages sent from the Sprint website bypass the website and come straight to my phone?

    Do I have something misconfigured, or is Sprint my misconfiguration?
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    Yeech. Sounds like you are receiving archaic "shortmail." This was a web-based messaging system Sprint initially developed (instead of the SMS protocol). In short, your phone should be receiving SMS's NOT shortmail. I suggest contacting Sprint and seeing if they can resolve this (gooood luck with that one).

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