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    I need some help.
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    More info needed...

    Do you mean from a .gif/jpg on a web site? or from pics you've taken with a digi camera?

    Since there is no "right click/save as" you probably can't just save from a site. If you have a jpg on your desktop drop it in the "\transfer" folder and do a hot sync. You should a shortcut on your desktop labled "Treo Pictures". If you don't, install it from the CD.

    Once on the phone you can go to pictures, select it and then menu-> "Set Wallpaper".

    Alternately just get an SD card and a card reader. drag/drop the jpg to the SD card and then pop the card into the phone. I'm pretty sure it needs to be in a \DCIM folder off the root.
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    I'm not 100% sure this is what I did, but I believe I had an image in SplashPhoto on my Tungsten that I wanted as the wallpaper on my Treo. I'm pretty sure I just "beamed" the image from the Tungsten to the Treo. The Camera app then received it, and I was then able to view it there and select it as the wallpaper.

    Give that a shot and see if it works for you. Of course, if you don't have another device from which to beam the image to the Treo's Camera app then you'll have to figure out another solution.
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    The only way I have found is to email to myself and pick it up on the picture and then can select as wallpaper
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    I have changed the pix to a jpeg in Photoshop and then used the install tool to send it when I hotsync. The pix makes it to my pictures file but I cant open it. The pix only shows a broken frame. I have also put the same pix on my sd card but it does the same thing. I have also emaild the pix to my phone.

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    Since you're a n00b we're gonna cut you some slack. But there are some simple rules that you have to follow for any online forum.

    1. Use the Search function FIRST. Most likely your question has already been answered 100s if not 1000s of times. If you use the Advanced Search function, you can search all posts or all TITLES which is a great way to limit the number of threads you have to go thru. For example, you could have searched Titles for the word wallpaper.

    2. Do not double/duplicate-post. Pick one subforum to submit your question, and stay there. If no one answers, it's because of item 1 above, or because they're busy. You can use the annoyingly effective "bump", but I never do. (Don't know what "bump" means? SEARCH FOR IT.)

    3. Make your topic title informative. You seem to have a specific problem about seeing wallpapers. You should have made your title like "trouble with Photoshop jpeg as wallpaper" or something. Actually, this would also be a great search query.

    4. Related to 3, your post above should have been in the first post of the first topic you opened. It's very likely you would have had more responses that way.

    I'm not knocking you personally. Even I had to be edumucated when I first went online. If you look at many of the threads in these forums, you'll see lots of n00bs making the same mistakes as I listed above.

    NOW, to help you with your problem. Try saving the original file into jpeg with a simpler application like MS Photo Editor, then sync to Treo. How's it look now?
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    Sorry dude. I didnt realize you were with the Treo Nazi Police. I will workreally hard to not make the same mistake again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jibby
    Sorry dude. I didnt realize you were with the Treo Nazi Police. I will workreally hard to not make the same mistake again!
    Better pray I don't turn from Schutzstaffel into Geheime Staatspolizei.

    Did my suggestion work, or not?

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