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    Do any of you gurus know how to add a second number to an existing contact in the address book when they call you so you don't have to create a second contact for the same person but with a different phone number, say their cell number?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Great question...I would also appreciate knowing if it's possible.
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    all i do is either

    A) respond YES - drag my finger nail over the number - highlighting it, drop-down button, P (for past) or X (for cut), find the contact, enter it in either as Other or something else or ...

    B) respond NO - then go to the call log, select the call in question, one of the buttons down below is "copy number," then find the contact in Contacts, Edit, past the number in the appropriate place

    yeah - a lot of steps...
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    TakePhone does this and it works very well. I realize that takephone is an application you have to pay for, but it's an option for anyone that doesn't know that it has this capability. It also has a bunch of other really cool features.

    If you have a 650, make sure to select the beta version.
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    The Contacts application has the capability of entering like four phone numbers. Edit the contact and add the number.

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    well, technically...

    you can add more - just put it in the "email" slot - then change the 'title' of that line from email to Other or Main or ... whatever
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    Vet and Mega, you're misunderstanding him (I did at first also)..... When you get an incoming call from an unknown phone number, you can add it to the address book (but only as a new contact) -- he wants to add a new incoming number to an already created contact....
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    I'm not misunderstanding him at all. Pull it out of the call log and add it manually. The software isn't able to know who you want to add the number to.


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