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    can I build a website using my treo? has anyone done this and if so how? I want to give it a try just because, so using a free website hosting service would be perferable. Hints, helps, comments....
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    I don't think its possible, but if it is, damm this thing does everything!
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    OK - "what do you need to 'build a website'?" - or rather "what do you want on your website and what tools does the hosting service provide?". Some hosting services allow you to build a website using an online tool, selecting site structures and visual themes/templates then inputing some content through the browser. Possibly even more suitable would be the use of a Blog service such as With Blogger you can tailor a template on a PC and strip it down to a format suitable for display on a Treo. Additional content can then be added through the online Blogging utility!
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    Well, sure you can. Grab ssh and login to your webserver, then fire up emacs or vi and have at it!
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    You need:

    1. a domain
    2. a text editor (memo pad will do, an html editor is better imo)
    3. an ftp client

    Check for html editors and ftp clients. I have a found a few of each

    Oh yeah, one more thing:

    4. an idea of what you want to do with the website
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino
    I don't think its possible, but if it is, damm this thing does everything!
    I do minor updates to my site from my Treo. I can manage it all from the Treo, but it is cumbersome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sumorai
    Well, sure you can. Grab ssh and login to your webserver, then fire up emacs or vi and have at it!
    Vi on PalmOS - NOW we're talking!
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    Well - just type "blog tool" into's search facility and...

    1 100% mo:Blog 1.6
    mo:Blog is a mobile blogging tool for PalmOS devices. With mo:Blog you can post new messages to most blogging applications. It even allows you to upload binary files - like images - to blogs that support this.
    2 6% BlogPlanet LE
    With BlogPlanet LE, updating your blog while you're on the go has never been easier. It runs on your Palm with Internet connection and lets you write new blog entries and send them to your blog, edit them later on and delete them.
    3 4% Vagablog 1.9
    Blog directly from your handheld! Vagablog allows for 5 unregistered postings, so go ahead and download it to try it out. The price of the app will probably increase once I get the features I want jammed in there.
    4 1% handX webLog 1.0
    handX webLog allows you to create weblog (blog) entries on your palm and update your website via the included conduit. The conduit can use FTP or SCP to copy the files to your site.
    5 1% BlogMail 0.5.B
    PalmOS handheld users now can write their blog postings on their PDA using BlogMail.
    6 1% SplashBlog 1.0
    SplashBlog lets you instantly publish photos from your treo camera phone to an online photo album (photo blog) to share with others. SplashBlog includes everything you need to share your photos, including software for your treo
    7 1% HBlogger 2.0
    HBlogger is a blogging client for Palm OS devices. It gives you a completely new way to blog. You can send your posts while you are on the road.
    8 0% Plogit 0.22
    Plogit is a blogging application for PalmOS that supports editing, deleting, and posting blog entries via the Blogger, MetaWeblog, and MovableType APIs.
    All I need now is a Treo 650 !!!
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    I haven't heard any mention of PHTML. Though I have not actually used it, I have talked to the developer (friend of a friend) and he was telling me it's a full html editor with FTP access. It is currently only in a low res version but he said if there is interest from the hi-res crowd he'd see about releasing a hi-res version. Anyhow, here's the link.

    - Phil -

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