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    i have a treo 600 and when installing the hotsync software it stops responding.

    when o go to the task manager it has 3 instances of the msiexec.exe and an idriver.exe.

    Now the idriver.exe has a 98% cpu usage. and the software never gets past the first part of the installshield wizard. Even after an hour or more of waiting!

    maybe some1 can post a link to the updated installshield wizard?

    desparately need help!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Make sure that if you are using Windows NT/2000/XP that you are logged in under your user ID, and that your ID has the Adminisrator role applied to it. Another thing to try is instaling from the Treo 600 CD. When you are prompted to check the palmOne server for updates, you should allow that Internet update.

    Alan G

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