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    Although i'm glad PalmOne have finally provided an official statement on this I'm mostly disheartened by the "Q2 Euro Launch" press release as headlined on TreoCentral's home page. After all the teasers around the web suggesting a February release the (not wholly unexpected) official launch timetable puts a lot of plans on hold, or at least leads one to seriously reconsider them.

    PalmOne are taking the p!$$ with their whole marketing of this product and I am seriously considering whether to shift my handheld platform to protect future investment - yes I am seriously wondering whether PalmOne/PalmOS is a safe long term investment in software etc. compared to something like Symbian. They have in the past had the best platform which I have been using since my first Palm Pilot approx 10 years ago, but they are seriously falling behind in the innovation stakes. What does the 650 actually offer; PalmOS 5.x, Bluetooth, etc. If I hadn't already got an investment in Palm software to port across I would have given in a year ago and gone for the SonyEricsson offering. I'm getting so frustrated I'm even considering thinking about pondering the (gulp) ... Microsoft platforms!
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    I'm also interested in where this press release came from. I've just checked the PalmOne websites for the UK, Europe and US and can find no mention of it in their "press rooms". If you go to their Treo Smartphone section all they have is the 600. Orange aren't much better - search for Treo and you get an out of date article about the 600 and TalkNow. A bit ironic considering I'd be happy with 'TalkNextWeek' or even 'TalkNextMonth'.

    I'm amused by the paragraph of the release that states 'palmOne and Orange will be supporting the launch ... with a broad range of marketing initiatives ... "HEY GUYS - JUST RELEASE THE EFFING PRODUCT AND IT WILL WALK OUT OF THE STORES BY ITSELF!" (Excuse me shouting, but I wonder sometimes whether their marketing teams are actually on another planet).

    Look at the likely price of the 650 on Orange (300+?) against alternatives such as a T5 / Motorola V3 combo (250?) or even a G3 phone; I know I'll be "taking two devices into the shower", but hey, just think of the increased screen size, power, memory and data speed!

    And that brings me back to my main point. In 2005 we should be anticipating a PalmOne Treo 700 consisting of a higher res screen with a min 120MB memory and fantastic Multimedia capabilies combined with a G3 phone - then I'd be anticipating a Q2 launch date, rejinking my finances in readiness and believing that maybe, just maybe, PalmOne has a long future ahead of it.

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