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    I'm not allowed to bring any, "gadgets, toys or geek-stuff"...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Life-Is-Good
    To save battery, turn off the radio on the cruise. If there is no coverage on the cruise the Treo could use a lot of power searching for a signal.
    and without radio the battery lasts a LONG time (mine kept its charge & didn't loose memory during those 3 weeks)
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom
    I have Lockline insurance with Sprint. It's $4.00 a month but it came in handy when my Treo got wet and needed to be replaced. Not covered under the warranty. $35 bucks and I got one in the mail. Much cheaper than trying to scrape up another $400-500 for a new unit.

    With homeowners insurance I don't think it would be covered unless there was a theft, fire, etc. I tried to file a claim on my laptop recently (spill damage) and it was a no go. I have Travelers Home Insurance.
    Thanks, i just added the Lockline insurance through ATT, $3.99 a month.
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    Take it. I know when I cruise I usually meet alot of new people and add alot of new contacts into my treo

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    I'm posting this from my hotel room in LA. I take my Treo everywhere; when I had my T300, I took it to Scout summer camp with me. Even if you're not going to use the phone, your Treo will come in handy at some point.
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    There are several emergency chargers like this

    around. 4 AA batteries and your back online or at least keep a charge and your information safe!
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    played bridge and scrabble on treo on cruise. Had books on treo to read but did nto have time. Turned off radio and battery did well.
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