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    I am spreading the word. Cingular is a well trained (by SBC) pack of disfunctional liars. See the whole saga at this thread.

    Bottom line:

    They do not have the Treo 650 in stock and apparently have no clues when it will be in stock.
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    I ordered my Cingular 650 via Palmone last week (2/2) and got it delivered along with the free BT headset on Friday (2/4). Had some minor problems when upgrading from my 600 (not enough memory), decided to do a hard reset & start fresh, only other propblem so far has been Versamail but got that fixed (I hope)

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    It appears from the other thread that this may be limited to the area that 'pjc' is in. Other people ordering in other areas have reported quick delivery. (Although that sure doesn't help 'pjc' much.)
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    Dude should have gone straight thru P1 on the first day the T650 was announced. I ordered an unlocked version on Feb. 2, and was told there'd be a 1-2-week wait. No biggie for now ... as long as they hold to that.
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    Well, Cingular finally told the truth today. They have no estimated ship date.

    At the same time, the 650's are being shipped regularly to the stores in small quantities per my calls to 4 former AT&T stores which open an hour earlier than the original Cingular storees.

    I'll be visiting a store today and demanding a phone from their stock or I will cancel all services.
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    I ordered my Treo 650 online over the weekend. I received an email with a link to the order status where it showed backordered. I called Cingular customer support and spoke with someone who said 1-2 weeks (though I think they were bs'ing to get rid of me). Today I checked and the order shipped and according to the FedEx records arrived and has been signed for. So, don't panic. I think the info being shown is not reliable (which is not very confidence inspiring) but at least it was not reliable in my favor.
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    Did I say that love the Treo650? Just checking

    I would not push too hard to get the Treo650 GSM at this point. It seems they, PalmOne, are pushing this product untested just to meet back orders. Many users here are complaining about obvious quality problems, like bad microphones and dead keyboards, that should not escape QC inspection. What's the use of fighting to get a defective product expedited to you? You'll get more frustrated later when you get it when you start asking for one replacement after another.

    That said, I love the Treo650, but....
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    hate to burst everyone's bubble... but I got my treo650 FROM THE Cingular STORE on monday. I got it from the hollister ave. location in goleta california. It is the only "corporate" store in the area, and coincidentally the only one to have in in all of Santa Barbara. They got in about 40 of em I believe, which quenched pretty much all of the waiting list... I was on a waiting list *(was #12) they called me on saturday(i think) and told me it was in and I could pick it up anytime. Hope this helps! PS the phone is great, bluetooth works great, and if you have the 600 you will be super impressed with the upgrades and insanely better screen, cya!
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    I gave up on the phone order and I too found one in a local Cingular corporate store. Lo and behold, thay have received about 10 a day this week. It is 100% clear that Cingular is sticking it to the phone ordered clients to provide stock to the stores.

    Now, I am in another "Cingular Hell: trying to gte my backordered phone canceled and a proper refund. Visit the original link I mentioned to see the whole saga.
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