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    I'm somewhat disappointed in the camera they put in the 650. It would had been nice with a somewhat better image quality - but then again it's a phone-pda for me and not really a phone.

    Having said that the brightness setting in the camera seems really odd. Even on my cheapo Sprint phone-cam I could set the brightness level but I seem to be unable to do so on the Treo 650 - and it works really poorly in anything but very bright light. Anyone else having a problem with the camera in more dimly lit situations?

    Here are some walk-around photos from today...just for fun
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    Yea, the first one looks black and white. Others are about like I would expect. You can change the resolution from 640x640 to 320x320 as you prob know.
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    I am crazy diggin' the photo and video on the 650, and though I'm pretty much ignorant when it comes to anything but the nuts and bolts of PDA's, I feel I somewhat know what I'm talking about here, as I'm a Video DP for a living.

    Sure, the contrast isn't great, but it's so much more than I would have hoped for. And the screen rez is great too.
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    And if you shrink the photos, the way you'd see them on the screen itself, it's more than double the rez, looking beautiful on the phone.

    Another way to think about it is to understand the photo quality, and then take pictures that suit that quality the best -- Weird things can be done.

    Study how it reads light, how it changes color under different light etc., and you can turn out some strange images, like this zombie.
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    Check out this thread.

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