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    How do I setup wap on my treo 600
    after setting up my connection I am not not seeing an option to put gateway IP adress port number and Url These setttings are required by my provider Cable & Wireless Jamaica
    In fact I can GPRS attached but i just not able to browse via wap apn for wap service is (WAP)

    I was told to go the the main menu select web
    Then press the menu button
    select option then preferences and would be able to see the additional settings but this does not work

    I must add that I can browse the internet doing straight GPRS Using the (Internet apn) which is strictly for GPRS users.

    Can somebody help me
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    Blazer formats wap pages already. I use Yahoo's WAP news portal and Ebay's WAP portal. Just put the URL into Blazer. No additional software needed. At least for me.

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    Derek how doyou setup your treo for wap
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    Again, you do not have to set anything up. Blazer will automatically render WAP pages for you. Simply open the location in Blazer and there it is.

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