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    I do not yet have a treo 650 (I am on Verizon) but I will want to sync my contacts and calendar to bot a PC at work and a Mac at home. Can this be done?
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    I did this with my Tungsten, no problem. I'm now waiting for my Treo...
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    I do it all the time also.


    Mac syncs with Entourage (Notes, calendar, contacts, everything but mail)
    Win syncs with Outlook (everything but mail again)

    The only problem I'm having is somewhere the phone listings got messed up, and some of the home phone numbers switched to work and vice versa
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    I've been syncing several PDAs between my work PC and home iBook for years (using Palm Desktop on both).

    For the most part, it's flawless. However, every once in awhile, when I would change a single instance of a repeating event, I'd end up with duplicates.

    Next week I get a new computer with no administrator privileges, so I decided to just sync my new Treo at home.
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    Thanks to you all for the help! I am still waiting for Verizon to relaese the 650, but when they do, I 'll be the first in line!

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