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    I'm trying to come up with a word to describe the (very short) time period between when one gets a new Treo and when that Treo hits the ground. Any ideas from Treo owners who have experienced this (sad) phenomena?
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    BD - Before Dropping

    If you drop your treo on 2/14, and you want to tell someone about a message you got on your treo on 1/14, you can say, "Yeah, I got this great message on my treo 1 month BD"
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    The Honeymoon period.

    Just like in marriage - when you first take delivery, it is absolutely beautiful. Then about a month down the road, you realize it's not as beautiful as you originally thought.
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    Grace Period. You look graceful until you drop it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blademonkey
    Grace Period. You look graceful until you drop it.
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    Half-life ?
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    As in:

    "I can't believe I dropped it's cherry only six hours after opening it."
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    1. Freefall
    2. The longest, most painful 0.7 seconds of your life
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    at least it worked in "A Christmas Story".
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    I guess my last post is more appropriate for after you drop your treo. Sorry.Oops...
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