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    Is P1 offering the loyalty discount / upgrade that they have in the past? What is the pricing?

    I have upgraded from 180 -> 600 and would like to get the 650 but are they really asking $599 including the discount????
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    yup, since handspring has been out of the picture, they don't do that anymore. kinda sucks
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    Nothing, I wish their was.....
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    The only loyalty upgrade they are offering is a free BT Jabra headset with you order for a Cingular phone (a $99 value).
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    man I wish I got loyalty discounts from my G/F! I mean, you get scolded for not being loyal, but what do you get for being loyal?

    {= )
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    If you don't know that answer, it is the same with the g/f and PalmOne !
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    A free bluetooth headset?

    sry, but yeah, no discount from palmone, may check with the cell company you are with to see if they have something. like, Sprint has a discount after 18 months.
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