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    Hello there. I'm Alvy. I'm new to the forum and don't own a Treo yet. I'm looking to buy a cell phone that can record conversations. I heard that there may be 3rd party software written for Treo that may do just that. Do any of you know if this is the case and how many minutes it could possibly record?


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    I am wondering about the same thing. I'm gonna do a search on the subject & I'll post what I find...
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    Any of the voice record apps works well whena call is on speakerphone.
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    I'm with dutchtrumpet on this one, the only way to get the microphone to pick up the speaker would be to use the speakerphone.
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    There are various apps like PAR, Audacity etc that can do this. The only limitation is that both sides of the conversation will only be recorded either via speakerphone or via using the Seidio 2-in-1 headset which can be bought at the Treocentral store. The latter works very well btw....
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