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    My Treo 600 has been replaced by a Treo 650 because Sprint PCS finally acknowledged that by the third replacement, it can't do a lot of what I need it to do and it is supposed to. I am to send it back to them in a pre-paid envelope.

    Meanwhile, my wife's Treo 300 is kaput and there's no time to get it replaced before she leaves on a trip tomorrow. The 600 *will* do what she needs it to do.

    Does anyone know if I could activate the 600 on her number (we have a shared plan) without Sprint noticing? Just by entering the activation code? If so, it would get me out of a jam and let me deal with replacing her 300 in a week. I've googled some queries and have come up blank.

    Any and all advice, including if this is a terrible idea, is appreciated. Thank you!
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    Is the 600 still active on your account? If it is, then no. But if the 600 isn't currently activated, Sprint will let you do ESN swaps at no cost. The only issue would be if the Sprint database already lists the 600 as a "dead" ESN because they've sent you a replacement.
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