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    Hi all,

    I've been getting weird log memo files that appear in my memo pad on my Treo 600. They are titled something like "BP/L-Log: 05/1/28 13:22:59", and they contain a bunch of lines, like:

    VChar 308 308 2056
    VChar 309 309 2056
    Wake Handling
    32 1022 0 1 yes 3

    If I try deleting them, the next time I go to Memo Pad, they've been recreated, with a fresh timestamp. Any clue what might be causing this? I thought it might be related to PalmVNC, because it seemed that I started getting these after I installed that app. However, I've deleted PalmVNC, and I'm still getting these log memos. Any help would really be appreciated...
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    Hi Feral;

    You are seeing the debug logs of Bob's Popup/Launch.

    You can turn them off in BP/L.

    Bob's Popup/Launch is a great addition to Bob's Alarm and can also be used as a stand alone.
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    Thanks! That's exactly what it was.

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